Lighting Design

Creative design infused with respect for people, spaces and the environment.

Good lighting design focuses on the people who will occupy the lit spaces, the tasks they will undertake in those spaces, and the culture of their organisation.

Our lighting designs respond to these elements, with solutions tailored to the characteristics of each space and their materiality. Drawing upon our expertise in the latest design ideas and technologies, the Ridge Lighting Design team creates unique next-generation spaces that will stand the test of time.

Our multi-award-winning lighting designers have worked in and around historic and listed buildings, new builds and refurbishments. We have transformed galleries, museums, offices, retail buildings, hotels, pools, spas, event spaces, theatres, concert venues, aviation buildings and public realm spaces with creative lighting strategies.

Learn more about our expertise, experience and sustainable approach to lighting design in our full brochure below.

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Components of Light

Our Design Philosophy

Creativity must be combined with immense attention to detail.
Andrew Bissell
Lighting Design Partner