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Alexandra Palace East WingLondon

Alexandra Palace, also known as The People’s Palace, opened in 1873 in North London and is surrounded by 196 acres of parkland.

Alexandra Palace is an iconic London venue, and Ridge was asked to attend the site to view lighting fixtures that had been purchased and specify to site maintenance staff how the fittings were to be mounted.

Over several months, Ridge lighting designers, with the assistance of the lighting suppliers, adjusted and focused the light fittings to illuminate the architectural arches of the East Court. Treating the arch structures as “ribs”, alternating colours of light were programmed to accentuate the scale and depth of the room.

Complimenting colours were set to the spotlights aimed at the newly decorated feature floor.

The external arches were lit to complement the lighting of the iconic mast, another scheme engineered by Ridge lighting designers.

  • 1873


  • Iconic

    London venue

  • Lighting


At night, the East Court now glows with light, turning the Palace into a visually spectacular attraction.

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