Bletchingdon Primary School – Building Services EngineeringBletchingdon

Ridge provided full M&E design services for a new primary school in Bletchingdon, built by The Duchy of Cornwall.

The original Victorian building was built in 1870 but moved locations in the village in 2015. The new educational facility is a 21st century learning environment within a very traditional building design.

A thermal modelling exercise and Part L2A (2010) assessment was undertaken to determine a detailed breakdown of the likely annual energy consumption of the proposed development in order to quantify energy reduction of the proposed strategy.

Thermal simulations were conducted to simulate the natural ventilation strategy proposed scheme. The thermal model was also used to carry out detailed daylight analysis.

  • 1870

    originally built

  • 2015

    site relocation

  • Full M&E

    design services

The new building is heated by its own dedicated plant. Condensing gas-fired boilers were installed as the main heat source for the building to minimise CO2 and NOx emissions. The dedicated condensing gas fired boiler system predominately serves underfloor heating manifolds, perimeter radiators and hot water storage.

The school is mainly naturally ventilated through opening windows and appropriately located ventilation stacks (or “chimneys”) rising from the ground floor classrooms up to the roof.  Other areas, such as the toilets, are ventilated using local mechanical extract ventilation systems with a ducted discharge at roof level.

Local cooling systems for occupied spaces have not been allowed for (it was proposed that IT-intensive areas be provided with a dedicated cooling unit). Photovoltaics were also used to help achieve the energy targets. Due to the high level of low carbon design, the PV array was kept to a minimum.

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