Clarion Housing GroupNationwide

Clarion is one of the largest social housing providers in the UK, with over 130,000 dwellings in management.

Ridge has worked with Clarion, and the former registered providers that merged to form the new Group, conducting stock condition surveys and specialist investigations since 2008. Our data is used to inform business planning and for works programme development.

Ridge has provided consultancy services including:

  • Interim management for four DLO operations. As part of a business improvement plan, Ridge facilitated workshops and produced process maps of existing and ‘to-be’ processes including a full end to end assessment
  • Specialist building surveying, fire safety and structural engineering support in the review, assessment and testing of cladding to high-rise residential buildings
  • Capture of MHCLG cladding, spandrel and DELTA data for high-rise residential buildings
  • Sheltered scheme and capacity review to identify suitability of current schemes and options for future use
  • Surveys of commercial properties and options appraisals
  • Site master-planning and options appraisal
  • H&S and Principle Designer services for a variety of capital works and development projects
  • Contract administration and technical M&E advice in respect of an automated fire detection systems installation to sheltered schemes
  • Building and structural surveys to both residential and corporate assets
  • Radon risk assessments for housing and corporate stock
  • Works to listed buildings including the upgrade or installation of fire safety systems and obtaining consents from the local planning authority
  • 130,000+


  • Cladding


  • Radon


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