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LSVT, stock surveys and asset management.

GCH is the UK’s last successful large-scale voluntary stock transfer (LSVT) of housing stock from a Council to a new Registered Provider of Social Housing.

Ridge has provided a wide variety of specialist asset management advisory services for Gloucester City Homes over a number of years.

Having been selected for our considerable experience of LSVT, Ridge worked closely with GCH, and its financial and legal advisors, through the preparations and transfer stages, helping to formulate effective and fundable business planning options. Ridge provided robust stock condition survey data and specialist investigations of the significant number of high rise and non-traditional dwellings within the portfolio.

Our work has included:

  • Due diligence review of stock data and associated information, to inform stock transfer proposals
  • Working with financial consultants and specialist advisors to successfully deliver stock transfer of housing and related assets
  • New stock condition surveys (50% sample of the stock + all blocks).
  • Surveys of related assets, including garages
  • Populating the PIMSS asset management database
  • Creation of 30-year business plan input tables
  • Drafting of ‘optional’ business plan reductions to determine affordability, post Government rent reductions
  • Specialist structural engineering inspection of high-rise and non-traditionally constructed dwellings
  • Development of future works programmes and procurement strategy
  • Options appraisal for a tax efficient model to deliver the repairs and voids service
  • Facilitation of workshops to derive a strategy for commercial units
  • Drafting of an asset management strategy
  • Provision of a whole stock viability model, with options appraisal templates and process maps.
  • Drafting of HCA value for money statement in respect of asset management activity
  • Presentations to the Board and senior staff
  • ‘Critical friend’ advisory work
  • LVST

  • Non-Trad


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