Condition survey data validation.

Formed in 2008, GreenSquare is a major provider of housing, regeneration, care and support and commercial services across Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Ridge undertook a desk-top review and physical reinspection of dwellings to determine the accuracy and completeness of the stock condition survey data held, as well as benchmarking and analysis of revenue desk-top costs.

The project has included:

  • Initial meetings to fully scope the review process and to facilitate the transfer of relevant data
  • Review the general structure of the survey form and adequacy of items collected
  • Review of the survey form design
  • Review of the schedule of rates
  • Review of the lifecycles
  • Review of the address list (and the relationship between flats and blocks)
  • An analytical review of the extracted stock condition data, looking for gaps, trends, likely erroneous data
  • Advice on expected renewal costs for the client’s 26 key elements
  • Review of the key elements to provide a commentary in respect of their suitability
  • Review of the data collection approach for HHSRS (and staff training for HHSRS)
  • Review of the data collection approach for RdSAP
  • An overview of the 30-year business planning input cost tables and benchmarking
  • Extraction of data and physical reinspections to enable a direct comparison of the data held with Ridge suggested results
  • Commentary in respect of the client’s approach to business plan risks, such as high-rise and non-traditional stock and complex M&E
  • Provision of a report summarising findings and recommendation
  • Meetings to review and present the findings to stakeholders


  • Data


  • Benchmarking

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