Planning permission was granted for a rural exception Paragraph 79 dwelling.

Site details and constraints

A greenfield site in open countryside in an area of natural beauty and special landscape, within 1km of a site of specific interest.


Our role and services

The site was situated outside any development boundary and comprised a dwelling for open market use. Therefore, the proposal was initially contrary to the Development Plan. The planning team at Ridge was, however, able to demonstrate that the application should be assessed against paragraph 55 of the NPPF 2012 (now paragraph 79 of the 2018 publication) in that special circumstances existed; the proposal was of exceptional quality and innovative nature in terms of design.

In order to achieve this objective, the planning team led a multidiscipline collaboration of specialists. The strong leadership skills employed by the planning team ensured that the development successfully addressed a myriad of considerations presented on this challenging site.

  • Fully passively

    designed house

  • Innovative


  • Isolated



Headlands represents a sustainable, holistic development which addresses a multitude of considerations in its elegant, innovative and unique design.

The scheme achieves biodiversity enhancements on the site through the protection and reinforcement of the former habitats.

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