Homes for HaringeyLondon

Asset management to enable the ALMO to maintain its assets and to achieve and maintain the Decent Homes Standard.

Homes for Haringey is an ALMO, established in April 2006 to manage Haringey’s council housing.

Ridge has undertaken a wide variety of services over a number of years, including the procurement and supervision of works to enable this ALMO to maintain its assets and to achieve and maintain the Decent Homes Standard.

Specialist services delivered by Ridge services have included

  • Stock condition surveys over two significant phases (circa 80% of the stock + all blocks)
  • Surveys of related assets, including garages and subsequent management proposals
  • Rebuilding and populating the Codeman Northgate (SAM) asset management database
  • Creation of 30-year business plan input tables
  • Drafting of ‘optional’ business plan reductions to find affordability post Government rent reductions
  • Specialist structural engineering inspection of high-rise and non-traditionally constructed dwellings, including abseil surveys
  • Project management and engineering support to the regeneration of the Broadwater Farm estate following identification of defective LPS blocks
  • Specialist mechanical and electrical inspection of ‘complex’ M&E systems within blocks, including assessment of district heating scheme
  • Workshop facilitation for works procurement options and future contact strategy
  • Input into and review of future works programmes
  • Works design, specification, procurement and supervision
  • Market testing of the Repairs and Voids Service
  • Drafting of an Asset Management Strategy
  • Provision and updating of a whole stock Viability Model, with options appraisal templates and process maps
  • Staff training for Asset Management, Decent Homes and HHSRS
  • Options appraisal and scheme feasibility assessment for temporary accommodation projects
  • Specialist review of sheltered accommodation and ‘good neighbour’ schemes
  • Options appraisal, viability modelling and development of commercial to residential conversion schemes
  • Viability modelling of the use of modular units to provide temporary accommodation and production of Employer’s Requirements
  • Stock Surveys

  • Specialist


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