M&S Photovoltaic Roll-out Programme

Cost Management, Project Management and Procurement Services for the investigation of suitable host buildings for a Community PV programme.

Between 2013 and 2014, Ridge worked with the M&S internal team, and other external consultants, to identify suitable stores from an initial long list for the programme. Factors considered were building ownership, lease type and duration; roof location and available roof area, orientation, obstructions, solar shading, roof structural capacity, roof finish and condition, total cost and payback potential.

Following desk-top surveys and data collection, site surveys were carried out to develop a recommended short list of suitable host buildings to assess for cost savings and discuss with other stakeholders.

The M&S Energy Society, partnering with Energy4All, used crowdfunding to back the installation of solar panels on its stores by inviting investors to install and own panels for a 20-year period, with M&S paying for the generated energy in the stores. Profits were then distributed through a community benefit fund to help support local charities.

  • 3236

    total number of solar panels

  • 5265sqm

    of solar panels

  • 8

    stores nationwide

  • £1million

    capital cost

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