North Area Masterplan Poole Town CentreDorset

The Transport team was appointed to support the preparation of a masterplan for the northern area of Poole town centre. The masterplan sought to enhance the Kingland Road environment by: - Creating a focal point for retail and leisure uses - Significantly reducing traffic movements - Improving pedestrian and cycle links - Creating a new pedestrian-priority area around the Lighthouse Arts Centre

Ridge was commissioned by BDP Architecture through Deloitte, acting for Poole Borough Council.

The masterplan involved major redevelopment to accommodate new schemes for residential, leisure and commercial uses, as well as a new hotel and the relocation of a bus station to a new hub.

Ridge developed the proposals to enable the removal of through-traffic from Kingsland Road. This involved preparation of numerous preliminary designs relating to associated local junction improvements to accommodate diverted traffic movements resulting from reduced traffic on Kingland Road.

Ridge prepared an assessment of the suitability of local car parks to accommodate the increase in demand resulting from the masterplan proposals. The Car Parking Study examined existing parking provisions, considered demand throughout the day and throughout the year and identified any spare capacity to accommodate the increased demand. The estimated demand for additional parking, and the associated impact on the local network, was determined by the use of the TRICS database.

Access for pedestrians, mobility impaired and cycling were considered.

Vehicle tracking was prepared, which demonstrated the suitability of the proposed layouts for delivery and emergency vehicles, together with ensuring that the new layouts for the relocated/improved bus station were workable for the appropriate public transport vehicles.

The process of determining the preferred option involved regular presentations and workshops with the local authority and key stakeholders.

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