Planning permission granted for an urban extension, which represented the first major green belt housing approval in five years.


Society of Merchant Venturers, Newby Management and St Congar Land 


Site details and constraints

The whole Perrybrook greenfield site is included within the green belt.


Our role and services

  • The planning team led a multidiscipline team of specialists on a variety of matters including landscape, ecology, archaeology, heritage, noise and air quality, transportation and flooding.
  • It also included expert witness services at both the Local Plan Inquiry and planning application Inquiry.
  • Ridge provided the technical skill required to present the case for green belt release.
  • Working closely with the LPA, Ridge led regular consultation groups with stakeholders, community groups and local service providers to ensure an inclusive planning approach.
  • Ridge provided reassurance to the LPA that exceptional circumstances relating to unmet housing need could be demonstrated, helping to meet an acute long-term shortfall in housing land supply.
  • 1,500


  • 25ha

    Employment land

  • Affordable

    and care homes provided


Outline planning permission was granted for an urban extension to Brockworth, which includes social, economic and environmental improvements to the area.

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