Queen Elizabeth Children’s Hospital Regeneration – Traffic and TransportationLondon

The redevelopment scheme provides 188 residential units, of which 72 are affordable (for both rent and shared ownership).

Ridge was commissioned by Peabody Trust to produce a Travel Plan in support of a proposed residential development on the site of the former Queen Elizabeth Children’s Hospital in Bethnal Green. Following approval of the Travel Plan, Ridge is also undertaking the role of Travel Plan Co-ordinator for the site.

A full residential Travel Plan for the site in accordance with Transport for London and London Borough of Tower Hamlets guidance was prepared.

The Travel Plan set out clear objectives and measurable targets. A reduction of 6% in single occupancy car journeys was proposed as an interim target (until baseline travel surveys were undertaken). This was deemed to be challenging but achievable having regard to the site’s location in Central London.

A range of measures were presented in order to influence residents’ travel. The links between measures, targets and objectives were presented within an implementation plan.

A programme of monitoring and review was also presented which included the baseline travel survey, and future surveys at Years 1, 3 and 5, with accompanying Travel Plan Monitoring Reports.

Ridge was also commissioned to undertake the Travel Plan Co-ordinator (TPC) role.

We designed an element of the ‘Welcome Pack’ for new residents which included travel information for the local area, as well as a summary of the aims and objectives of the Travel Plan.

An ongoing monthly newsletter is sent out to all residents and provides information on local events and clubs which promote sustainable travel. It also provides updates on the Travel Plan.

Ridge consulted London Borough of Tower Hamlets to scope out the baseline travel survey for the site based on the ITRACE model. Following the baseline survey, targets within the Travel Plan were updated where necessary and a Travel Plan Monitoring Report sent to the local authority.

  • 188

    Residential units

  • 'Welcome Pack'

    For new residents included local travel information

  • 12

    Monthly newsletters produced

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