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Project Plateau will deliver a new 13,700sqm experimental engineering building for Rolls-Royce at its Derby campus. The building will bring together various in-house engineering communities which are currently dispersed throughout the existing site.

Since 1915, the Rolls-Royce Derby campus has been made up of multiple buildings, workshops, factories, test beds and warehouses. Rolls-Royce is transforming and modernising the campus through delivery of their 2030 masterplan, including Plateau, a world class experimental engineering centre. Plateau will enable Rolls-Royce to further its claim as manufacturer of the world’s most powerful and efficient aero engines utilising pioneering cleaner and lower carbon technologies.

The engineering response to the diverse client requirements was to develop a building with two distinct solutions, each appropriate to meet the function and aspirations of the users. An efficient multi-span portal frame solution with hit-and-miss columns was introduced to create a large, flexible space in the Operations building while also providing support to the large overhead gantry cranes.

CFA piles support the column loads to both building structures. This solution minimised risk across a site with varying depths of made ground and contamination. Vibro-stone columns improve the made ground to accommodate the loads from the fibre-reinforced ground bearing slabs.

To comply with current drainage design policy, Ridge implemented a SUDs drainage strategy which incorporated a balancing pond to attenuate the surface water run-off from the development up to the ‘1-in-100-year’ event, including an allowance for climate change. This also included the design of all underground drainage and implementation of measures to prevent pollution to the environment caused by accidental oil spillages in the service yard / road.

Furthermore, Ridge developed a 3D model to understand the earthwork requirements. The 3D model allowed the levels to be optimised to minimise the amount of cut / fill which, in this case, offered value to the client by reducing the amount of potentially contaminated site material requiring disposal off site.

  • 2030


  • 13,700sqm

    Engineering building

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