Ropemaker Properties Ltd.Reading

Planning permission granted for a major new development providing homes and jobs from a site in urgent need of restoration.


Ropemaker Properties Ltd.


Site details and constraints

 This is a brownfield site adjoining a dual carriageway within an air quality management area. It affects the setting of a Grade I listed building.


Our role and services

  • Identify key constraints.
  • Form a planning strategy.
  • Instruct a specialised team.
  • Carry out extensive pre-app engagements with the LPA.
  • Develop a strategy for community engagements.
  • Restoration

    Of former derelict site

  • 60%

    Of the site to be landscaped

  • Provision

    Of new homes in sustainable location


Following the planning permission approval, the team at Ridge are in the process of evolving the design through a S73 application and are negotiating the discharge of conditions.

The approved scheme represents an opportunity to redevelop a brownfield site, which has been a long-held priority of the Council due to its poor quality yet sustainable location. This will result in a sustainable redevelopment of the site, providing high-quality housing, which results in the efficient use of the site while at the same time promoting densities, which are appropriate to the local area. Furthermore, a range of house types and sizes, including affordable housing, will assist in creating a balanced community, minimising the potential for social exclusion.

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