Sefton MBCSefton

Establishment of a Local Housing Development Company.

Sefton MBC required consultancy support for the establishment of a Local Housing Development Company, which was to be wholly owned by the Council.

Initial development sites were identified to support the Council’s ambitions to develop new residential schemes within the Borough. Ridge provided multidiscipline technical services to assess the feasibility of the three Council-owned sites.

Ridge worked collaboratively with the Council, their financial and legal advisors, and other key stakeholders, as an integrated project team.

  • New DevCo

  • Site options

    and constraints appraisal

Ridge has been employed to look at the residential development feasibility of 3 council owned sites, providing a multidiscipline team of construction professionals, which Ridge can offer. The quality of standards of their work has been very good, and they were able to deliver this within a very limited timescale

Neil Davies

Sefton MBC

Ridge has provided a range of technical services, which were targeted at establishing a significant understanding of the condition, opportunities and constraints at each site; providing the project team with a high level of confidence early in the redevelopment process.

Our services included:

  • Architectural layout plans
  • Site Opportunities & Constraints Appraisal (SOCA)
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Traffic and transportation analysis
  • Geo-technical site assessments
  • Land contamination investigations
  • Utility supplies (gas, water, electricity, telecoms)
  • Preparation of build costs

Detailed reports were provided to the project team, allowing an iterative review of technical feasibility and financial viability, whilst aiming to maximise the performance of each site.

Ridge liaised with the Council’s Planning Department, Highways Department, and other key stakeholders, to ensure compliance with local policies, including the provision of affordable housing within each development option.

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