Stockport Cycling and Walking ProgrammeStockport

Ridge has been supporting Stockport Council in the delivery of its ambitious and step-changing £27.5m cycling & walking programme

The programme will see the roll out of borough-wide measures which link up to encourage more people to travel by bike or on foot. Delivered under the Mayor’s Challenge Fund (MCF), the measures will form part of the Bee Network – Greater Manchester’s cycling and walking network which hails quality design benchmarked by its appropriateness for use by an unaccompanied competent 12-year old or by a parent pushing a double buggy.

Stockport Council is doing excellent work across the borough to enable its residents to leave the car at home and cycle or walk local journeys. The number of schemes currently on the way shows the level ambition they have to create a connected network across communities. The Gillbent Road crossing is a fine example of how removing the risks posed by junctions can open up a wide range of routes to connect people to the places they want to get to, with confidence. Making crossing the road easy and safe, no matter how you’re travelling, is key to getting people to have a go at walking to the shops, or doing the school run by bike. Great work Stockport!

Chris Boardman

Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner

Once built, the network will help to connect communities in Greater Manchester, benefiting 2.7 million people and making cycling and walking a real alternative to using the car.

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