Xtrac Transport AssessmentThatcham

Commissioned by Xtrac Ltd to provide Transport Planning services and support a planning application for the proposed extension to the existing premises in Thatcham.

The scheme proposed to extend the existing factory by 2,385.5m² and provide an additional 114 car parking spaces.

Ridge produced a Transport Statement in accordance with National and West Berkshire District guidance. The report included:

  • Summary of National and Local Planning Policy
  • Baseline study of existing transport and highway network, and existing use of the site including access arrangements
  • Accident analysis on the surrounding highway network for the last five years
  • Trip generation and junction modelling of site access with Gables Way using PICADY

Alongside the Transport Statement, Ridge was also commissioned to produce a Full Workplace Travel Plan.

A Travel Survey was carried out with the existing staff on site, to build a profile of baseline travel patterns; the response rate for this was 61%.

Targets across five years were set out to decrease single occupancy car trips to and from the site and increase sustainable mode share.

A range of measures were presented to influence residents’ travel towards more sustainable modes. These included the appointment of a Travel Plan Coordinator to oversee the Travel Plan and the marketing and promotion of it to all staff. Measures to promote car sharing amongst employees and cycling to and from the site were also set out.

The links between measures, targets and objectives were presented within an Implementation Action Plan with chronological targets being set for the development. Interim costs for the Travel Plan were also set out.

A programme of monitoring and review was presented within the Travel Plan to set out how the Plan would be monitored over the 5-year timeframe.

  • 2,385.5m²

    Factory extension

  • 114

    Additional car parking spaces

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