Another Great Appeal Win for the Planning Team at Cheltenham

13 January 2020

On behalf of Hinton Properties, the planning team at Ridge had been successful in obtaining planning permission at appeal for 5,000 sqm commercial office space, day nursery and food retail unit (Appeal A).  The subject appeal (referred to as Appeal B) related to the same development proposals save that the principal difference was that an additional office unit was replaced by the proposed Costa Coffee retail unit and drive-thru.

One of the main considerations was whether the proposed drive-thru would define the site as being primarily retail as seen from its only access and would seriously diminish the perception of the business park for its prime purpose.

The Ridge planning team provided a thorough, robust and unarguable case, with Paul Fong providing expert witness at the Planning Inquiry regarding matters relating to employment land supply.

The Inspector agreed with the evidence provided, concluding that the presence of coffee shops and other fast food outlets are common features at the entrance to commercial business parks. He was not convinced that in this case the presence of the Costa building, in combination with the Aldi store and the day nursery building, would significantly undermine or diminish the functioning or perception of the business park.

Image Credit: Davies Landscape Architecture