Environment Bill finally passes into law

15 November 2021

The Environment Bill, which introduces a new requirement for developers to make sure all new schemes involve improvements to biodiversity, was given Royal Assent on 9th November and has now become an act, some 1,056 days since it first appeared in Parliament.

The act introduces a ten per cent biodiversity net gain requirement for all new developments. On sites where these biodiversity gains are secured, they would have to be managed for at least 30 years. In addition, a publicly available “biodiversity gain site register” would be set up for each development site, to be maintained for at least 30 years after the scheme has completed.

The act also introduces Local Natural Recovery Strategies (LNRS) – a new system of spatial strategies for nature, which will eventually cover the whole of England.

It is evident that the passing of this Act demonstrates that biodiversity net gain now has significant prominence, and we expect to see biodiversity net gain entrenched into plans and the decision making process.

Should you wish to discuss the implications of this Act upon your proposed development, please contact

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