Five new dwellings for Upper Rissington

09 March 2022

On behalf of Vistry Homes Ltd, Ridge are delighted to have received planning permission for the erection of five new dwellings in Upper Rissington.

The site formed part of a larger approved scheme the details of which received planning permission in 2012. The approved scheme included a number of dwellings in addition to retail premises and a public house. Whilst the majority of the dwellings and retail units had been implemented, the land allocated for the public house had remained vacant.

The planning team at Ridge was able to demonstrate that as the public house had not been constructed, the scheme would result in the loss of a parcel of land upon which the facility was to be erected, rather than the loss of an existing facility. As such, local planning policy which sought to protect such community facilities was not entirely relevant. Notwithstanding this opinion, using a marketing report, Ridge were able to demonstrate that there was no demand for the proposed facility. The LPA accepted that the principle of the proposal was therefore acceptable.

Other issues which needed to be addressed by Ridge included the following;

  • Impact on AONB
  • Design
  • Climate change
  • Access and parking