Flood and Hydraulic Modelling Capability

20 January 2022

Ridge is now offering Hydraulic Modelling as part our wider flood risk services to our clients and across the business.

Minhaj Ahmed is a Principal Hydrologist and Flood Modeller who has recently joined the company. Minhaj has a strong background in flood risk, hydraulic modelling/analysis, and drainage design, and is based in the Reading Civil and Structural Team. A wide variety of flood modelling and analysis can now be provided including both 1D analysis (e.g. rivers) and 2D analysis (e.g. surface water and overland flows).

Some typical flood modelling analysis/support which can now be provided ‘in-house’ includes:

  • Hydrological modelling to estimate peak runoff flows and volumes from rainfall over a wide range of sizes and types of catchments;
  • Hydraulic modelling of rivers and watercourses to generate flood level, flow and velocity information to inform Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) of different types and scales of development e.g. masterplanning or single property sites;
  • Supporting development plans for impact assessments of flooding, investigating and designing flood mitigation schemes, flood evacuation routes, designing flood compensation storage;
  • Generating flood outlines, flood depth maps, velocity maps and flood hazard maps;
  • Rainfall Runoff Modelling to generate critical drainage routes and developing Surface Water Management Plans;
  • Providing Stormwater & Foul water drainage plans and supporting planning applications.

Example Flood Depth Map Generated for a Development Scheme

These services are provided in accordance with the guidelines and regulations from the Environment Agency (EA), National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), Local Authorities and other regulatory bodies.

If you require any support/advice for flood modelling and hydraulic analysis (or any specific flood risk/drainage problems or queries) then please contact Minhaj Ahmed or Sam Cox in the Reading office.

Contact details provided below:

Minhaj Ahmed
Email: minhajahmed@ridge.co.uk
Phone: 07584 334 476

Sam Cox
Email: samcox@ridge.co.uk
Phone: 07920 150 546