Fusion 21 Webinar ‘The Pathway to Zero Carbon’ Hosted by Noel Brosnan

01 March 2021

The sands of time are running out, almost on a daily basis new evidence of the impact of Climate Change appear on the news. We are close to the tipping point the impact of which will make Covid feel like a small inconvenience.

Those of us who are passionate about improving the energy efficiency of our homes have seen many false dawns, but I truly believe the dawn has arrived.

We have a massive task ahead of us, we all need to play a part. The Government can encourage us, provide carrots and sticks, but ultimately, we all need to work together to deliver this moon shot.

There is no one solution to delivering net zero, no sector is exempt. Covid has led the way on demonstrating our resilience and inventiveness. We will need even more of this to avoid the 6th Mass Extinction, and the first to be caused by humans.

We can do this and in doing so we will leave a better planet for all not just humans.

The Fusion 21 webinar focussed on housing which uses 35% of all energy in the UK and emits 20% of the carbon dioxide emissions. 80% of homes will still be around in 2050 and they need to be retrofitted to achieve the target of net zero carbon but, at the same time remaining affordable to prevent more households being added to the estimated 2.5 million fuel poor in the UK, a figure which is likely to have increased during Covid..

My presentation provided some background drivers and the information on the latest guidance on delivering retrofits. I was joined by Richard Ellis Assistant Director of Asset Management at Peabody Housing Association, he shares my passion for addressing the climate change emergency and explained how he intends to guide Peabody in the delivery of a net zero carbon housing stock.

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