Home Farm Public Consultation

07 July 2022

Metacre Ltd are pleased to introduce proposals for up to 180 new homes, landscaping and open green space, on land at Home Farm, Quat Goose Lane, Swindon Village. This land forms part of the North West Cheltenham urban extension allocated for development under the Joint Core Strategy (JCS).

This exhibition will provide details of the proposals, constraints and opportunities for this site. We do want to hear what you have to say and there is an opportunity to complete a questionnaire by clicking on the link below and providing us with your feedback on these proposals.

This exhibition will be available to view until 5th August and would be grateful if any comments could be returned by the 19th August 2022 to the address below or via email: hayleymacfarlane@ridge.co.uk

Ridge LLP 3rd Floor, Regent House, 65 Rodney Road, Cheltenham GL50 1HX.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this exhibition and for providing comments. Please note if you do respond, all responses are treated confidentially and there is no obligation to leave your contact details.

Home Farm, Swindon Village – Public Consultation Boards ➔

Public Consultation Feedback Form ➔

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