Ridge Wins Appeal for the Replacement of Four Park Homes with Four Permanent Dwellings at St Joseph’s Travellers Park, nr Gloucester Despite Being Contrary to Local Plan Policy

16 January 2018

The appeal took the form of a Hearing where MD, Paul Fong, represented the appellant, Mr Hearne. The main issues discussed were;

  1. The effect of the proposals on the supply of gypsy and traveller pitches to meet the identified need.
  2. The effect of the proposals on the aims of Local Plan policies on replacement dwellings and design.
  3. Whether there are other considerations that should be weighed in the balance and the weight to be afforded them.

Paul convinced the Inspector that whilst not in full accordance with the relevant Local Plan policy on replacement dwellings, there would be no harm to the character and appearance of the area and the proposal would offer significant benefits to the future running of the site. The effective management of the site carries significant weight in promoting the nomadic way of life of gypsies and travellers, whilst providing a safe and attractive base for children’s education and the welfare of traveller families, all as sought in Planning Policy for Traveller Sites.

As such, the Inspector determined that the appeal should be allowed.

Appeal Decision Notice