Improving service delivery and patient experience at Northampton General Hospital

21 June 2021

We have been working with Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust on high-level condition, building services and spatial compliance survey of the wards located within their Cliftonville site. 

We were appointed to establish the suitability of the building and infrastructure, to support a programme of works to refurbish and remodel this part of the hospital, to improve the clinical service delivery and patient experience of a number of departments including Cardiac, Stroke, ITU & HDU.

Our challenge was to shift the ratio of predominately multi-bedded wards to single occupancy rooms, without extending the building, and at the same time ensuring compliance with modern standards which are spatially more onerous. It was clear from the initial assessment that the exercise would require both space utilisation and operational procedures to be simultaneously reviewed. Working closely with Clinical Leads, spaces were identified and categorised as essential, desirable or under-utilised. 

We then embarked on a series of optioneering and masterplanning exercises to explore the permutations and sequencing of refurbishment works to ensure the overall bed number could be preserved whilst the proposed works were undertaken. The masterplanning activity also considered the economical sequencing of the accommodation to avoid double moving of high specification areas, such as the HDU and ITU facilities. 

It was established that additional decant space would be needed to provide the capacity to free up the separate wards for refurbishment. Further exercises were undertaken to look at the wider hospital site to identify suitable locations for either temporary wards within existing buildings or space for turn-key generic wards to provide the decant space.