International Women’s Day

08 March 2020

Ridge proudly supports and encourages women in construction. Today we heard from some of our team about their careers in construction so far, here is what they had to say.

When I chose to pursue a career as a Structural Engineer I did not fully realise the opportunities that would follow. Whilst working alongside inspiring colleagues, it has allowed me to have an impact changing the physical world in which we live. Whether it’s leading a team of engineers, working on projects, or attending industry events, I fully promote an inclusive environment. It is essential to allow individuals to grow, develop and achieve their full potential. Together we have travelled the world creating buildings to support the development of communities both in the UK and overseas. Great engineering is not dependant on an engineer’s gender or race, but the ability to work within a team to find creative ways to solve infrastructure challenges. It is critical we inspire the next generation of engineers as it will be them that shape our future societies.

– Rosie Camburn, Structural Engineer.

Alongside delivering a broad range of exciting projects as a Project Manager in Oxfordshire, I am passionate about improving diversity in construction. This starts with engaging young women in conversation about future careers in the industry. I was very proud to assist Gaia Innovation at their Inspiration for Innovation event at Sponne School and have recently co-delivered guest lectures at Oxford Brookes University to give real-world perspective to their studies. These are valuable opportunities to inspire younger generations and begin to change the face of the industry

– Anne-Marie Ratcliffe, Project Manager.

I have 20 years of experience as an Architect, a Lecturer and as a Project Manager. In these roles, I am at the front line of encouraging women into the profession and facilitating flourishing careers. Opportunities I engage with range from exhibiting at school and university career fairs, teaching architecture at both undergraduate and post graduate level and mentoring female colleagues. I also participate in work experience placement within the practice and introduced two potential female architects the basics of architecture within the last few months. More broadly, I am affiliated with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Enterprising Women Group which provides a support network for local business women and I have supported change through participating in initiatives such as the CIC Equality and Diversity Workshop which informs the ‘Roadmap for Change’, orchestrated by Maria Coulter BEM.

– Genine Ziegler, Architect.