Latest Planning Matters Forum – Updates on Green Infrastructure

07 May 2019

Entitled ‘How to increase your chances of getting planning permission by using Green Infrastructure’, the latest Planning Matters Forum was, as always, a highly topical subject.

We were pleased to welcome three speakers; Dr Katie Read (Middlemarch Environmental), Jackie Jobes (Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership) and Peter Goatley (No 5 Chambers) all of whom provided invaluable updates to the audience.

After an introduction by Paul Fong, Dr Read introduced the meaning behind ‘Green Infrastructure’ and touched on recent case studies where Green Infrastructure had been implemented successfully.

Ms Jobes emphasised on the importance of ‘multifunctional’ Green Infrastructure and how Local Authorities and Developers need to ensure that all of the different partnerships are linked right from the start of the design process to enhance Biodiversity Net Gain.

Peter Goatley finished the presentation by providing updates on the legalities of Green Infrastructure. It is evident that there is little information available at present from a legal perspective however, within the revised National Planning Policy Framework there are key sections which focus on the importance of providing Green Infrastructure from a strategic level. Peter touched on the fact that any proposed new development should provide some Biodiversity Net Gain.

Following questions from the floor, Paul summarised the event confirming that with all the recent variations within Policy it seems to be that there may be more changes which add weight to ensure that Green Infrastructure element of any proposal is designed before the developable areas are set out and to ensure there has been an input from the whole team to ensure that there is a positive enhancement of biodiversity within any scheme.