Leading ‘lighter’ joins Ridge as a partner

06 October 2022

Lighting designer and president of the Society of Light and Lighting, Andrew Bissell, has joined property and construction consultancy Ridge as a partner from Cundall.

Andrew’s 26-year career as a lighting designer includes 15 years at Cundall, where he became lighting design director and over five years as head of lighting design at Buro Happold. He started his career in 1996 at Arup, where he cut his teeth on Bradford’s National Museum of Film, Photography and Television.

“Andrew’s instincts, his eye for detail and his willingness to apply the latest thinking to his projects has kept him at the forefront of the lighting profession and kept him in demand as a lighter from many of the UK’s most prestigious architecture practices. He is a significant addition to Ridge’s line-up of lighting designers.


“His long-standing passions for daylight, repairable products and dark skies make him a pioneer in wellbeing, sustainability and environmentally sensitive lighting. We look forward to working with him as a multi-disciplinary team to build his ideas into our projects.” – Adrian O’Hickey, Senior Partner

“Ridge’s range of disciplines offers the opportunity to engage with clients early which is where lighting designers need to be to have the greatest impact.


“More than ever before we now understand the power of light, as an element which changes how we see a space and which changes how we feel, our mood and our fundamental wellbeing. Lighting has become so much more than simply complying with a guide or standard.” – Andrew Bissell

One of the most recent projects of Ridge’s lighting design team was to overhaul the lighting systems at Alexandra Palace in London. The £2.5 million project sought to bring the building to life and enhance the user experience while providing significant improvements to look and feel, improving the customer journey, reducing carbon emissions and providing significant energy savings. This project recently received a Build Back Better Lighting Award.

To discuss your lighting project, contact Andrew Bissell: andrewbissell@ridge.co.uk