Land to the North of the Viaduct, Adjoining Orchard Business Park, Ledbury (APP/W1850/W/20/3244410)

07 July 2020

This web page has been set up to provide links to the relevant Core Documents set out within the Proofs of Evidence and submitted as part of this Appeal, which is due to be heard by way of a Virtual Inquiry between 13th and 17th July 2020. The Inquiry was adjourned on the 17th July 2020, and is due to resume on 22nd September 2020. The Inquiry is scheduled to sit for four days

The Proofs of Evidence for the Appellant, Herefordshire Council and Ledbury Town Council are set out below.

Appellant Proofs of Evidence

Herefordshire Council Proofs of Evidence

Ledbury Town Council Proofs of Evidence

Core Documents List

In addition to the Proofs of Evidence set out above, this appeal is supported by a number of Core Documents. The List of Core Documents is arranged into chapters and set out in the PDF document below.

The link below, will take you to the chapters so you can find the relevant document.

ID Documents Submitted During the Inquiry

Click here to access all documents here