Life Science Companies Grow in the UK Since the Launch of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy

15 January 2020

Since the launch of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy in August 2017, the UK is becoming a more attractive place for life sciences companies to grow and succeed. This substantial progress is a result of the collaboration between pharma, biotech, medtech, digital and diagnostics, NHS and government.

The Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Update highlights what has been achieved so far:

  • Commitment to boost UK spending on R&D to 2.4% GDP by 2027
  • Commitment to increase NHS update of best value treatments and technologies with a funding package for the NHS that is now in place
  • Supported investment into knowledge intensive sectors like life sciences through a number of programmes and national infrastructures
  • The world’s largest genomics project has been launched
  • Digital Innovation Hub Programme has been launched
  • A centralised data-enabled clinical trials service has been designed and piloted
  • Implementing a new national approach to costing and contracting for commercial contract research
  • Ensured the UK has the best talent, skills and people to support the sector

Ridge are supporting various clients with research and development projects including, the University of Oxford and MEPC Milton Park contributing to the strategy.