More assisted living units for Harpenden

25 January 2022

On behalf of Beechcroft Developments Ltd, Ridge is delighted to have secured planning permission for the refurbishment and extension of a vacant building (formerly a care home) to assisted living units.

Ridge was responsible for the preparation, submission and monitoring of the planning application. Ridge also led and worked alongside a team of consultants including BHP Harwood Architecture, Ecology Solutions, Glanville Built Heritage Consultancy and A and D Environmental.

Located on the edge of Harpenden town centre, the site occupies a sustainable location. The approved scheme will deliver 9 retirement units in an area which is in significant need of elderly accommodation, particularly given that St Albans District Council are severely lacking in their ability to demonstrate the provision of a 5 year housing land supply.

Situated within Harpenden Conservation Area, matters relating to appearance and design were of particular significance. Other issues to be addressed related to transportation and residential amenity.

The approved scheme offers significant benefits, including the opportunity for the future occupants of the development to integrate within the local community of Harpenden, providing a mixed and well-balanced community that is socially inclusive. The development is within easy access of a range of services and facilities via footpaths, cycle routes and public transport. As such the development will assist in delivering a good quality of life for the elderly occupants.