New 86 Bed Care Home for Exeter

14 October 2021

On behalf of Topsham Care Home Limited, Ridge has secured planning permission for the erection of an 86-bed Care Home on land to the North of Exeter Road, Topsham, Exeter.

The new landmark building will, alongside the ensuite bedrooms, provide lounge areas, a cinema, function room, and hair and beauty room. The building layout includes the provision of circulation areas and shared spaces that will help to encourage interaction and avoid an ‘institutional’ feel. Externally, the building will provide patios and balconies accessed from the lounge areas, as well as soft landscaping around the building to provide outside amenity space for residents.

The planning team at Ridge, who were responsible for the preparation, submission and monitoring of the application, presented a robust case in support of the proposed scheme, identifying the lack of a 5 Year Housing Land Supply within the District. Furthermore, Ridge demonstrated that there is a growing elderly population in Devon, which is growing at a faster rate than the national average. One of the key issues for consideration in the Exeter Strategic Plan is the need to meet the specific requirements of older people. The main issues addressed by Ridge included highways, landscape and design.

Ridge demonstrated that sustainable construction is the key driver of the approved development. The intention is for the development to surpass current energy standards with improvements to the building fabric itself, as well as systems and equipment installed which shall diminish the impact on the local and wider environment through reducing its energy intensity. The technology provided will also enable the building users to continually record, test and ultimately reduce the energy consumption of the development, in line with the Council’s aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. Together, these key design principles will support a high quality, safe and comfortable environment for residents with specific care needs, whilst exceeding minimum build standards, under Building Regulations, to reduce the impact on the environment.