New apartments for Reigate

24 August 2021

On behalf of Beechcroft and Trustees of The PRH, the planning team has succeeded in obtaining planning permission for the conversion of a former nursery home and coach house to 27 apartments including the provision of affordable housing.

Ridge were tasked with the preparation, submission and monitoring of the application.

In addition to the principle, the additional main issues for consideration were:

  • Design and effect on the character of the area
  • Effect upon neighbour amenity
  • Affordable housing Housing mix
  • Amenity for future occupants
  • Highway matters Refuse collection
  • Trees and landscaping
  • Ecology
  • Energy and sustainability

Ridge put forward a convincing case which addressed all the main issues relating to this case. In relation to the principle, Ridge successfully demonstrated to the Local Planning Authority that, given the significant period of time the site had not been used a care home, the need for this particular site to remain in its former use was not considered to be such that the change of use would have a detrimental impact upon provision of care homes in the locality. Furthermore, on the basis of the vacant nature of the site over a significant period of time, the proposal complied with relevant planning policy.

In terms of design, Ridge established the proposal was designed to reflect the character of the locally listed building. The proposal would also remove existing buildings on the site that detracted from its character. As a result, the proposal was considered to be an improvement on the existing and therefore enhanced the character of the Conservation Area.