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New dwellings for the elderly in Chinnor, Oxfordshire

06 July 2022

On behalf of Beechcroft Homes Ridge planning team is delighted to secure outline permission for 54 dwellings for the elderly in Chinnor, Oxfordshire. The permitted scheme, which includes 40% affordable units, was won on appeal following the Council’s failure to determine the application within the prescribed period. Had it been able to determine the application, the Council indicated that it would have refused the proposed scheme on grounds which related to open space provision and landscaping, highway and pedestrian safety, affordable housing provision and infrastructure provision.

The team were responsible for preparing and submitting the planning application and subsequently led the appeal upon non determination. Ridge formulated a robust case at appeal, addressing the putative reasons for refusal alongside a number of concerns raised by local residents. The appeal site was subject to a range of constraints including the fact that the site was outside the development boundary, impacted on a number of heritage assets including the adjacent Conservation Area and listed buildings and affected the setting of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Working with BHP Harwood Architects, the team produced a scheme which focused on the following;

  • The creation of a high quality residential environment that meets relevant design standards
  • An exemplary and quality residential scheme that makes a positive contribution to the local neighbourhood.
  • Protection of the amenity of surrounding residential properties.
  • Creation of a highly sustainable scheme.
  • Enhance and protect the landscape quality of the site with amenity areas and tree planting.
  • Incorporation of measures to enhance the site’s ecology including new planting habitat and boxes for birds, bats and insects.
  • Create an environment that is safe and secure.

Ridge demonstrated that there was a real need for more dwellings for the elderly in Chinnor, and any harm caused to the Conservation area by the proposal would be less than substantial. Furthermore, it was established that the proposal would have little impact upon the AONB, would not be unduly prominent in the wider landscape, would not result in the merging of settlements and would cause no harm to highway safety,