Our Office and Workplace team share their thoughts on the latest BCO ‘Guide to Office Fit Out’ guidance note

25 October 2023

The British Council for Offices (BCO) is a leading authority in the UK for best practice in the design and management of office space.

By the end of this year the BCO will publish an updated version of its ‘Guide to Office Fit Out’. This is intended to address how the UK’s offices need to evolve to
reflect changes in society and the environment.

In advance of the final document, the BCO has issued a guidance note that focuses on improving fit out sustainability, centering on the Net Zero Carbon (NZC) agenda and
post-pandemic changes to office design and functionality. The guidance note is available here.

Our Workplace team has scrutinised this document, and shared their thoughts on its key themes:

– Net Zero Carbon reduction
– Occupancy rates
– Changes to structural grids
– Sustainability targets
– Lighting

You can read the their thoughts here: BCO Guide to Specification Key Design Criteria

For more information about our expertise in workplace design and fit out, contact Simon Maidlow, Partner or Kate Paterson, Architecture Associate.