Permission Granted for 56 Dwellings near Evesham

11 February 2020

On behalf Bloor and Bellway Homes, the Ridge planning team are delighted to confirm that planning permission has been obtained for the erection of 56 dwellings on land at Hampton, Evesham.

The case was particularly challenging, given that the site was outside the development boundary and within the open countryside, therefore the proposal was contrary to local plan policy. Ridge planning team presented a robust planning case which demonstrated that there was a need to “finish off” the development at Hampton and provide a high quality urban edge. The proposal provided the opportunity to achieve this objective.The case also relied on the fact that the site is in a sustainable location, on the edge of one of the District’s main towns. Furthermore, the proposal would result in the delivery of 56 houses, including 22 affordable, to meet the identified housing needs of the District within a short timescale given that the developers could move on to the site quickly.Credit image BEA Landscape