Perrybrook (Urban Extension to Brockworth) Reaches the Number One Slot

10 January 2017

Perrybrook (the urban extension at Brockworth) has been ranked number 1 in the ten most studied appeal and call in decisions 2016 (source Planning Resource December 2016). This could be due to the fact that the project was the first major green belt housing approval in five years.

The urban extension at Brockworth was allowed by the Secretary of State in March 2016. Project managed by Ridge, Perrybrook was the first major green belt housing approval in five years.The Secretary of State concluded that the benefits of a 1,500-home urban extension to Brockworth in Gloucestershire outweighed green belt harm. The inspector found evidence of high and persistent levels of unmet housing need, recognised the contribution of 600 affordable homes and gave considerable weight to the scheme’s economic benefits. In agreeing to release the site, the secretary of state acknowledged support from the three councils preparing the area’s emerging joint core strategy and its examiner’s preliminary findings in favour of a strategic allocation.

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