Image Credit: Luxton Architects

Planning permission granted for a replacement dwelling at Blackberry Barn, near Tewkesbury

13 July 2021

Planning permission has been obtained by the Ridge planning team for a replacement dwelling in the open countryside at Bredon’s Norton, near Tewkesbury.

The site related to a couple of barns which benefitted from a previous planning permission for the conversion of the barn to a live/work unit which had been won on appeal. The approved scheme had been implemented but work was not completed.

Ridge led the planning application on behalf of the private client, demonstrating that the previous permission was extant as work had commenced. Ridge argued that the loss of the ‘work’ element would have only minimal impact in terms of harm caused by the departure from policy. The LPA agreed with Ridge that, given the site location and the proximity to the development boundary, the appeal decision referenced and other subsequent more recent appeals; the limited harm caused by development and the fall-back position, when considering whether the proposals are demonstrably suited to an open countryside location, in this instance i.e. a single dwelling, then development at the location is acceptable in principle.

The LPA also agreed with Ridge confirming that the proposal would cause no harm to the AONB or the setting of the nearby Conservation Area.