Image Credit Blake Architects

Replacement Dwelling near Stroud

26 October 2020

An application for a replacement dwelling has been approved by Stroud District Council despite the dwelling achieving a 20% additional floorspace.

The site, as existing, was a builders yard dominated by hardstanding. The plot had an existing non determined deemed consent for two buildings for a change of use to two dwellings.  The buildings comprised one single storey, pitched roof storage building and one 1.5 storey office building.

The approved scheme incorporated the replacement of these buildings with one single 2 storey dwelling, which incorporated the 20% increase in floor space.

The planning team at Ridge worked with the architects to ensure that the proposed design was of the highest quality.  They then provided a robust case which demonstrated that the proposal had a design character that was in keeping with the wider setting, resulting in a level of built form that is proportionate with the overall plot size. The LPA agreed with Ridge, confirming that the benefits of having one well designed dwelling that better fits with its surroundings was preferable than two potentially unattractive buildings.  It was agreed that the proposal represented a visual enhancement to the area.