Retrofit Net Zero Carbon Services

24 March 2021

Ridge can develop strategies to help plan your route to delivering net zero carbon and then to turn strategies into deliverable projects.

We can also help with delivery of projects to PAS 2035, the British Standards Institute framework for delivering quality retrofits, supported by our retrofit coordinators, retrofit assessors and multidiscipline designers.

In response to the climate change emergency the Ridge Sustainability Team can deliver bespoke solutions for clients aligning with relevant drivers such as investment, corporate commitments, and local requirements.

We can assist with:

  • Client awareness and staff development workshops
  • Energy surveys including energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Display Energy Certificates (DEC)
  • Stock assessment, data analysis and archetyping
  • Strategy development for individual, or multiple properties
  • Advice on refurbishment interventions, which respond to:
    – Client objectives and budget
    – Improvements in EPC/SAP rating
    – Carbon emissions reduction
    – Fuel bill savings
    – Capital investment ‘payback’
    – End user experience
  • Assessment of energy performance and property asset management data
  • Identification of preferred refurbishment interventions
  • Delivering Retrofit Coordinator roles of project leadership and management to PAS 2035
  • Retrofit design, including site surveys and preparation of specifications
  • Procurement and supervision of retrofit works by Retrofit Assessors
  • Project and programme management
  • Post occupancy evaluations
  • Monitoring and evaluation reports
  • Grant funding application support
  • Interface with other agendas such as fire safety and wider viability
  • Delivery of support services including:
    – Tenant energy needs assessment and advice
    – Thermographic surveys
    – Air tightness tests

Wider Sustainability advisory services (natural, social, human, manufactured and financial) include BREEAM, WELL, embodied carbon etc

For further information get it touch with Noel Brosnan