Reviewing efficiencies to improve patient outcomes in Leicester

21 June 2021

This year Ridge worked at the Glenfield Hospital for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust on improvements to their Brain Injury Unit (BIU), Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) and Surgical Triage and Ambulatory Care Unit Pharmacy (STACU).

We remodelled each of the Units to meet modern standards and to enable an improved level of service for all patient groups, particularly those with brain injuries, by reviewing space for mobility equipment and incorporating good vistas. We reused M&E installations wherever possible to reduce the construction costs.

We undertook RIBA stages 0 to 2 feasibility design to relocate the Units to the lower ground floor and repurpose a ward. Ridge designers used the Trusts’ operation policies to understand the processes and requirements of these areas. We also reviewed the as-built information, both within the development area and its adjacencies, to understand the space and services that needed to be retained.

We developed a Schedule of Accommodation and then reviewed the space available to see how we could best fit the requirements into the space available, where this was not possible we consulted end users to provide the best possible space utilisation.

The overall design has much improved patient flow and increased patient dignity, improving patient outcomes.