Ridge Win SECBE Constructing Excellence Digital Engineering Award

03 July 2020

Ridge is thrilled to announce that we won the Digital Construction category of the Constructing Excellence SECBE 2020 Awards, for Model Firestopping Reviews – Using Technology & Process to Demonstrate Compliance.

Ridge has developed this innovative automated process using BIM models to check compliance of the Fire Stopping detailing for all MEP services passing through fire compartments. To our knowledge this is a unique innovation and no one else within the industry is currently doing this, and significantly reduces risk for the designers, contractors, and building owners / operators. This process could be shared with the industry through development of a white paper on the topic, including release of the rulesets which are aligned with firestop manufacturer test data. Ridge is also in discussion with Rockwool to explore how our BIM Fire Stopping initiative could be rolled out to benefit the wider industry in this way.

This initiative was introduced to ensure compliance whilst saving time on site and significant costs for contractors and ultimately our clients.

The ultimate long-term benefit is saving lives in the event of a fire, which we all hope never happens. However, should this occur the design team would be reassured that the design can be demonstrated to be compliant with the regulations and the contractor can also show that all fire stopping was installed correctly.

Additional Benefits of BIM Fire Stopping

  • Substantial cost saving for the client and contractors;
  • Substantial programme/time saving for the client and contractors;
  • Clarity of design liability between contractor/ consultant;
  • Saved project costs due to rework or redesign;
  • Early engagement in the process ensures services are better integrated into the final design avoiding design sacrifices – be part of the solution, not the problem;
  • Data in the model assists with understanding of what has been installed, aiding facilities management and providing for any changes to be made to the building in the future. The information is “the golden thread” which keeps on going, providing operational continuity for the building in-use.
  • Sustainability gains would be achieved by reducing rework and shortening programmes, reducing the overall carbon footprint of a building project.

Brent Rees and Mark Gooding presented to the judging panel on Thursday 2nd July.