Tech-X: Driving innovation at Ridge

22 November 2021

Technology is integrated into our daily lives. It influences the way we consume information, the way we travel, and the buildings in which we live and work. Innovation sees us research, experiment and trial new technologies that evolve to become more effective and efficient.

Across our disciplines at Ridge, we have a vast amount of expertise in buildings and infrastructure technologies. That’s why we launched Tech-X, an internal forum to share best practice, industry insights, and future technologies.

Recently, two keynote sessions have taken place in which our experts have shared their knowledge.

The Journey to Electrification

In this short clip, we look at how a battery is made in a ‘gigafactory’.

Sam Satchwell, Senior Project Manager, led a session on the journey of electric vehicles. The presentation looked at the growth of EV sales and charging infrastructure, emissions and EV efficiency, and how a battery is made. He also shared insight into our ongoing work with Britishvolt, through which we are helping to deliver the UK’s first world-class battery ‘gigaplant’.

Digital Facilities Management

In this short clip, we discuss why building information should continue to be managed in BIM post a building’s handover.

Presented by Mike Ford, Digital Engineering Group Manager, the Digital Facilities Management presentation looked at how clients and building owners can utilise BIM information and revolutionise building management. It offered a fascinating insight into how building information informs the circular economy of digital design, digital construction, and digital facilities management.

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