Waking Watch v’s Fire Alarm Upgrades – Waking Watch Relief Fund

11 February 2021

A large number of Ridge clients have introduced waking watch systems as an interim measure, resulting from the concerns around the fire safety of dangerous cladding systems. The need for a waking watch can potentially be mitigated until such time as the cladding remediation works are completed by extending the fire alarm system to give early warning within flats and through the installation of appropriate CCTV systems. We can help with reviewing the costs of enhanced detecting and prevention systems versus that of the waking watch, to help make informed decisions as to the best way forward.

Ridge Building Services Engineers understand the practicalities of working within occupied buildings and are cost and time conscious to deliver effective value for money solutions that can help with applications to the Government’s £30m Waking Watch Relief Fund.

Ridge is working alongside Fire Engineers to design and procure systems that provide compliant fire detection in-line with BS5839 and EN54. The installed system can be programmed for a multitude of evacuation scenarios and provides additional coverage to all flats and common areas. The systems are designed to mitigate false alarms and to provide information at panels or remote monitoring centres that facilitate the speedy investigation of target areas in the event of a fire.

The introduction of a correctly designed fire alarm system means that the waking watch can be stood down and allows landlords’ systems to be upgraded.

Please contact Adrian Goulding for more information