What you need to know about NABERS UK

12 May 2022

Ridge is proud to be an accredited assessor of NABERS UK, an efficient and effective system for rating and monitoring the energy use of existing commercial buildings. Adapted from the original Australian NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) which has been successfully operational since 1998, the UK version was launched in November 2020 and is administered by BRE.

NABERS UK measures buildings’ operational performance using a star system, thereby allowing building owners and operators to understand their energy usage, and, importantly, to target and measure against improvements in energy consumption which will allow them to move towards higher ratings.

As we move towards a Net Zero Carbon future, the ability to easily and accurately monitor and reduce energy consumption is becoming increasingly important, making NABERS UK a valuable tool to support commercial building owners in achieving their low and zero carbon aspirations.

NABERS UK currently offers two products:

  • NABERS UK Energy for Offices, which rates base building performance including that of heating and cooling systems by comparing energy consumption against benchmark data.
  • NABERS UK Design for Performance, which aims to bridge the gap between design and in-use building performance by allowing building developers/owners to commit to achieving a certain rating, then monitoring progress to ensure it is achieved.

Ridge Building Services Engineer Alaa Aladraj is an accredited NABERS UK Assessor and is licensed to conduct NABER UK ratings on office buildings throughout the UK. For more information on this exciting service and how it can benefit your commercial properties, please contact:

Alaa Aladraj
Principal Building Services Engineer

Chris Bradburn
Partner, Building Services Engineering