Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Buckinghamshire

The Trust recognised that after a number of years of minimal capital investment they needed to implement processes and controls to manage their broadening capital budget. Ridge was appointed to provide a team that included Programme Managers, Project Managers, Data & Reporting Managers and Planners.

Ridge commenced the commission by reviewing and auditing the Trust’s capital projects to understand the position of each scheme, the current processes employed, the complexities and issues and to document any constraints. Once this exercise was complete we then put together both PMO (Project Management Office) and project level documents that worked together to provide a system of management for the Trust’s capital team to use, along with end users, board members and other external Project Managers and Cost Consultants.

  • £5,000 - £5 million Schemes

  • Monthly reporting system implemented

  • PMO Processes

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Review of each capital project required Ridge to understand both the ‘Blue Book’ and ‘RIBA’ stages of work across a diverse portfolio of capital schemes that suited its NHS experience. The schemes also varied in size from £5,000 to £15 million. The review of each scheme concluded with summarising the position of each scheme including its risk profile, current programme position, financial position, key actions and issues. Ridge also reviewed how it interfaced with other projects either financially or physically.

Following the review of all schemes, Ridge implemented a monthly reporting system and developed a standard monthly report template for all scheme Project Managers to complete. This fed into a reporting spreadsheet which highlighted any projects with issues. This system enabled the Trust’s Board to understand which projects had risks and issues and the action plans Ridge were implementing to correct them.

Ridge developed a set of PMO processes as well as a completely new set of project level processes. These processes were designed to be used by the Board, end users, project sponsors, project managers, cost consultants and other external consultants so that the entire team was using a system that worked in a methodology that recognised both the ‘Blue Book’ and ‘RIBA’ work stages. The processes were listed by work stage and therefore it was made simple for those using the system to open up the processes to be used at each stage. This lead to a uniform management of projects, which drove certainty of delivery and reduced risks.

Ridge is able to provide both PMO and project level processes to any healthcare schemes, which will provide a standard methodology, and this can be applied to a national rollout of buildings or the delivery of numerous schemes on one large site.

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