CCS Framework Nationwide

This Framework is a government and public sector-wide procurement vehicle that is now widely used by defence and security organisations to procure construction projects.

The overall value of this four-year framework agreement is expected to exceed £2billion and is the national framework of choice for Government and the Wider Public Sector across the UK. Key stakeholders include organisations within Central Government, the Nuclear Industry, Education, Local Government, Devolved Administration, Defence and the Health Sector. CCS is an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office, supporting the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

Ridge is one of just nine national suppliers achieving the maximum of three Lot awards:

Lot 1 – Multidiscipline Services

Lot 2 – Project Management Services

Lot 6 – Building Services Engineering

  • National procurement vehicle

    Used by defence and security organisations

  • 4 Year

    Framework length

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