Haringey Sheltered Stock London

A Sheltered Schemes Review and Options Appraisal for the London Borough of Haringey.

Ridge assessed the existing standards of accommodation for Haringey’s sheltered and ‘good neighbour’ schemes across the Borough.

In total, Ridge completed surveys of 52 schemes, using an agreed format that reflected standards against which the schemes should be assessed, including HAPPI.  Ridge considered other benchmarks to assess current performance and to inform a prioritisation system, alongside refurbishment and redevelopment options.  The agreed scoring system was used to rank the performance of each asset.

  • 52


Ridge identified several schemes for more detailed option appraisal, which helped to inform the Council’s Supported Housing Review.

Ridge was subsequently instructed to undertake more detailed options appraisal using an in-house multidiscipline team, including architects, surveyors, cost consultants, engineers and property consultants.  Each option has now been reviewed in terms of viability using the Ridge Model.

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