Homes for Haringey Broadwater Farm Estate Tottenham

Structural investigations, repair, refurbishment and regeneration.

As part of a multidiscipline framework with Homes for Haringey (HFH), Ridge has provided support to help improve and regenerate the estate. Following a stock condition survey and asset management work, Ridge identified high-rise blocks as a particular business plan risk.

The Broadwater Farm Estate is a series of high and medium-rise large panel system (LPS) blocks, with some undercroft parking. Our specialist structural engineering investigations identified that some blocks were not designed to have gas installations (having originally been connected to a district heating system and then installed with individual systems in the 1980s). Some blocks required strengthening and two blocks did not comply with disproportionate collapse standards, even with the gas removed.

As a result, two of the blocks were earmarked for demolition, individual gas installations were removed and a renewed and improved district heating system was re-installed.

  • Five Year


  • Multi-million pound

    Investment by HFH in their housing stock

The new district heating network serves over 750 flats and many communal and adjacent facilities. This required several phases including design, temporary plant, gas disconnections, site-wide distribution and the installation of major new central plant, as well as consequential works associated with new water supplies, kitchens and bathroom renewals, fire-stopping, BMS, metering and billing.

Ridge designed structural upgrade works to the blocks and managed the coordination and installation of these works, alongside a programme of internal and external refurbishment works to provide a carefully managed phased approach to the works.

Further strategic development options are being explored including infill blocks to increase density on the site and master-planning options for the areas associated with the blocks to be demolished.

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