Porsche Driving Experience Centre Silverstone

An extension to the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone which transformed an existing brown field site into a new handling circuit and a fully operational heliport. Ridge was instructed at the feasibility stage and managed the works from initial planning through to practical completion within an eight-month period.

The Centre is a world class driver development facility where clients receive coaching from qualified consultants. Due to a growth in demand the client required its existing centre to be expanded and to provide a variety of additional features not currently offered.

The extension project,  funded by MEPC (a commercial property developer), maximises the use of the land available to create an exciting new driving experience where the capability of Porsche sports cars could be clearly demonstrated.

The design team worked together with the client to identify new features and to maximise the size of the overall facility, whilst ensuring that strict budgetary requirements were met.

The new facility included the following:

  • 275m accelerating and braking zone
  • 1km handling circuit for high performance cars
  • 4500sqm dynamic area for a variety of activities
  • 50-bay car park
  • A remodelled off-road area with new ramps
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) compliant heliport including ten helipads.

The construction took place during the wettest winter in ten years and involved substantial amounts of earthworks and drainage, including a 500,000 litre attenuation tank.

The team, including the contractor, worked together to ensure no programme delays materialised and the works were completed as scheduled, and below budget.

  • 275m

    Accelerating and braking zone

  • 1km

    Handling circuit

  • 4500sqm

    Dynamic are

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